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Local Channels are free*. All you need is an HD antenna and a good signal to watch local channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, PBS, Univision and many more without a monthly bill. You won't miss popular events like the Olympics, Oscars or the Super Bowl when you cut the cord!

Top shows and events you can watch


The Good Doctor

Grey's Anatomy

Dancing With The Stars

Modern Family

The Middle

ABC Sports

and more...


The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon


Blue Bloods

60 Minutes

CBS Sports

and more...


The OT



The Resident

The Orville

Fox Sports

and more...


This Is Us

Chicago Fire

NFL Sunday Night Football

The Tonight Show

The Voice

The Golden Globes

and more...



King Charles III



Wild Kratts

PBS News Hour

and more...




The Flash




and more...

and many more...

Source: “2017-2018 Broadcast Season Rankings – Total Viewers”. Local channel signal availability varies based on location.

Get the facts and free your TV

What is the cost?

Over-The-Air signals are free and anyone with an antenna and a good signal can watch their favorite network TV shows and live sports.

Why AirTV?

Cable TV companies can charge over $8 per month for these same channels that are being broadcast for free.

What we do

AirTV, combined with Sling integrates these local channels in HD on TVs throughout your home, and even on your mobile devices with no monthly fees.

Watching local channels requires an HD antenna.


How do I get local channels?

Each major TV network sends its signal to affiliate stations across the country. These local stations then broadcast the network feed over the air via radio waves, which are picked up by antennas in people's homes.

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Find available local channels

Watching local channels requires an AirTV Player, AirTV Adapter and an antenna (sold separately). Local channel signal availability varies based on location.


What's the best antenna for me?

Every home and every antenna are different. Having the proper antenna in the proper location is critical for getting the best signal strength possible.

indoor antenna

Indoor Antenna

AirTV recommends

RCA SLIVR Amplified Flat Antenna

This low profile antenna can be placed flat or in windows for the best signal placement.

  • Small, lightweight antenna for indoor use
  • Antenna has a range of up to 50 miles
  • Patented, 360° multi-directional design eliminates need for constant adjustments
  • Hang it or lay it flat
Antenna information
outdoor antenna

Outdoor Antenna

AirTV recommends

Televes DigiNova BOSS Antenna

This high gain antenna can be mounted almost anywhere like, homes, boats and vehicles.

  • Multi-directional design for high-quality TV reception
  • Antenna has a range of up to 60+ miles
  • Rejects LTE signal interference
  • Automatically controls the level of the received signal
Antenna information

Antenna signal tips

omni-directional antenna

Multi-directional vs. Omni-directional antennas

You'll want an Omni-directional antenna if the TV broadcast towers are scattered around the home. An Omni-directional antenna is typically round-shaped like a disc and receives TV signals equally from all directions (360 degrees). If the TV broadcast towers are in the same general direction from the home (example: all towers are located north of the home), then a directional antenna can be used instead. An advantage of a multi-directional antenna is that it is usually rated for greater distances from the TV towers, and it can be pointed to receive maximum reception of these signals.

digital antenna


The general rule for digital antennas is the higher, the better. Structures such as floors, cabinets, and walls may impact TV signal reception, so placing your antenna high in a window is ideal, as long as it's free from exterior obstructions (trees, buildings, billboards, and so on). Indoor antennas should not be installed behind a TV or electronic equipment, next to metal objects, or near high-traffic areas, as TV signal reception may be impacted.

outdoor antenna

Indoor vs. Outdoor antennas

In general, an Outdoor antenna is always recommended over an Indoor antenna, since TV signal reception can be reduced by as much as 50% when TV signals enter a home. However, an Indoor antenna may be suitable if you live close enough to the TV broadcast towers.

amplified antenna

Amplified antennas

Antennas with an amplifier that can be powered on or off are generally recommended; if you live very close to the TV broadcast towers, the amplifier may overpower some of the TV broadcast signals, so turning off or removing the amplifier may help.

Local channels and AirTV

Whether you watch on a single TV or a mobile device, AirTV is the best way to cut the cord and watch TV on your terms.

house diagram of single tv with AirTV

For single TV viewing

With AirTV Player, you can cut the cord without losing access to your favorite programs. AirTV Player lets you watch Netflix, Sling, and your local channels all in one seamless experience.

Ways to watch:

Sling in television
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antenna icon HD antenna required
house diagram of multiple tv's and devices with AirTV

For multiple TVs and mobile devices

With AirTV, you can finally get your local channels without worrying about where to put the antenna! AirTV streams your local channels throughout your home and on the go so you can keep watching, no matter where you are.

Ways to watch:

multiple TV's with AirTV
tablet with AirTV
phone with AirTV
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HD Antenna icon HD antenna required

*Free Local Channel availability varies based on location.

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