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  1. 1. After your AirTV is connected to your Sling account (Click HERE for AirTV Setup help) make sure the Sling app is the most up to date version.
    1. a. The minimum app versions on DVR compatible devices are listed below:
      • Roku:
      • Amazon: 5.10.833
      • Android: 5.10.833
      • iOS:
    2. b. Steps how to find app version:
      • Navigate to the Sling app settings.
        Sling App settings screenshot
      • In the settings select "Support".
        Sling App settings screenshot
      • The app version is listed on the support page as "Version".
        Sling App settings screenshot
      • If the version displayed is lower than the version listed above, visit your app store and update to the most current Sling app.
  2. 2. Connect a hard drive to the USB port on the back of the AirTV.
  3. 3. On any local channels DVR supported device (Roku, Amazon, Android, iOS) open the Sling app.
  4. 4. A pop up titled "OTA DVR Setup" will appear. Read the warning and select format to continue.
    Sling App settings screenshot
  5. 5. The hard drive will take a few moments to format and pair with the AirTV.
    Sling App settings screenshot
  6. 6. After the hard drive has formatted successfully select "OK" to continue.
    Sling App settings screenshot
  7. 7. To record local content, follow one of two methods:
    1. a. In the guide, select a program and view its information. Select the "Record" button next to the "Watch" button.
      Sling App settings screenshot
    2. b. While watching a show you wish to record, select ok to bring the controls on screen. Scroll to the left and select the record button.
  8. 8. Selecting record on a show that has series information will ask the following options:
    1. a. This show only: Only records the selected content.
    2. b. All episodes: Records all content of that show on that channel.
    3. c. New episodes: Records only new content of that show on that channel.
      Sling App settings screenshot
  9. 9. Recordings can be viewed on the recording ribbon in the My TV tab.
    Sling App settings screenshot
  10. 10. To manage recordings, select "My DVR" in the recordings ribbon.
    Sling App settings screenshot
  11. 11. Select "Manage" to delete recordings from the local channel DVR.
    Sling App settings screenshot