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  • Make sure your antenna is oriented correctly
    If you're not getting all of the over-the-air (OTA) channels available for your area, make sure your antenna is oriented correctly. The broadcast is transmitted from the tower to your antenna and then to your TV. Find out where the broadcast towers are located in your area by entering your zip code on, and direct your antenna up and toward the towers
  • Check the placement of your antenna in your house
    Structures such as floors, cabinets, and walls can impact signal, so placing your antenna high in a window is ideal, as long as it's free from exterior obstructions (trees, buildings, billboards, etc.). For better reception, keep the antenna about 5 ft away from metallic objects, electronics such as a television, or near heavily trafficked areas as standing near an antenna may negatively affect signal reception.
  • Use an amplifier
    Consider an antenna with an amplifier, or purchasing a standalone amplifier to go with your antenna
  • Consider adding more coax to reach a window
    Try a longer coax cable than you think you need to make sure you can reach a window. If the cable is too long you can make a semi-loose coil between the antenna and your TV. Keep your antenna away from other high-powered wireless gear if you can, move your WiFi gear and antenna away from each other