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  1. On the Accessibility screen, select the Services option.
    Image showing the accessibility screen with services selected
  2. On the Services screen that displays, select the TalkBack option.
    Image showing services screen, with Talk Back selected
  3. On the the TalkBack screen that displays, select the State option.
    Image showing the TalkBack screen with the State option selected
  4. On the the TalkBack State screen that displays, select the On option.
    Image showing the TalkBack state screen with On selected
  5. On the pop-up that displays, select the AGREE button.
    Image showing the popup that displays requesting permission to turn on talk back
  6. On the remote, press the Back button twice to return to the Accessibility screen.
  7. Select the Text to Speech option.
    Image showing text to speech selection screen.
  8. On the Text to Speech screen that displays, select a setting that you may want to change. Changes are saved automatically.
    Image showing the text to speech customization screen.
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